At Domaine de L'ansa, we are committed to the environment and our local community.

Our ethos is to run our operations in the most sustainable manner without compromising the guest experience.
  • Installed a power monitoring system and incentivised staff to reduce electricity consumption in all areas of the operation
  • Light bulbs have been replaced with low wattage LED's
  • All appliances have A+++ ratings
  • Installed gas hobs for cooking
  • Installed gas fireplaces for heating
  • Low flow Eco shower heads installed in all bathrooms
  • Implemented a linen reuse policy to cut down unnecessary washing
  • Environmentally friendly chemicals used in our laundry & housekeeping
  • We are in the process of replacing plants with drought resistant indigenous species
  • All waste is separated and recyclable items are collected weekly
  • No excessive packaging allowed by suppliers
  • Food waste is composted and used in our vegetable garden
  • Garden waste is shredded and composted and reused in flower beds and pots
Charity and development
  • Significant monetary donations by our Head Office to the Street Smart Foundation in South Africa
  • We are investigating local charities and shelters for condemned linen donations
  • Intensive training and upskilling conducted with employees