Sustainability is a core ethos of Domaine de L’ansa and we are actively finding new ways to reduce our footprint on the planet. We have implemented a number of initiatives which have dramatically lowered our electricity and water consumption as well as the waste from our operations.

With electric vehicles becoming more prevalent due to their lower emissions in both their manufacture and fuelling, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing these and hybrid vehicles as preferred options for our guests. An EV charging station became a priority!

We have installed one Hager 22kW charging station with a plan to adding additional capacity once we have established the demand for electric vehicle charging over the season.

In addition to the EV charger, an electric golf cart has been purchased for ferrying guests, staff and equipment throughout the estate. Our John Deere diesel powered ATV has been put on “semi-retirement” and is only used for tasks that the electric vehicle is not capable of which reduces our diesel consumption and emissions significantly.

Another milestone was installing a KNX home automation system to control and monitor the lighting throughout the property and ensure that lighting is not unnecessarily left on. During the installation high wattage bulbs were replaced with eco friendly alternatives.